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The Records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1678-1755: An Integrated Digital Database

Cornell University Library in association with Professor Jon Parmenter of the Cornell University History Department is providing digitized and transcibed Native American manuscript records. The Goal is to create site/tool which makes images, transcriptions, and annotations visible simultaneously. These materials are from the records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs and covers the period of 1678-1755.

The Records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs is open to the general public, in accordance with the terms set forth in the Guidelines for Using Public Domain Text, Images, Audio and Video Reproduced from Cornell Digital Library Collections.

The Illustration to the left is of Thayendanegea or Joseph Brant (1743 - 1807). Joseph Brant was of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Tribe, and the most well-known Native American of his generation. For more information, please check our About link.

Mohawk Chief Joseph Brandt

Illustration originally from Brownell, Charles de Wolf The Indian Races of North and South America. Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1873. (Hatzigeorgiou, Karen J. U.S. History Images. 2011. Online. Internet.